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Our desire is to contribute to the reformation of Hungarian cuisine by combining old cooking methods with modern kitchen technology, by bringing back forgotten ingredients and traditional flavours, and by trying to serve these in a way that measures up the expectations of our age.

Offer of the NARRABO Restaurant


  • Cold goose liver with lard, ham-grissini, fresh salad and balsamic vinegar with red wine
  • Tartar beef-steak with garden vegetables, crunchy toast
  • Smoked salmon with basil pear puree, garden greens


  • Classic chicken soup with noodles
  • Hungarian spicy beef goulash with green pepper and home-made noodles
  • Cold fruit soup with fruits with Calvados and honey-mint puree
  • „Cream soup of the day“ (Please ask for our offer.)

Main Course

  • Black spaghetti with seafood and grilled vegetables
  • Roasted salmon with seeds, garden greens and orange
  • Salmon steak with lemon herbed vegetables, sautéed potatoes
  • Pike-perch fillet fried in pumpkin seed- breadcrumbs, olive grilled vegetables
  • Chicken breast stuffed with spinach, ricotta and broccoli with almond and nutmeg, Jasmin rice
  • Crispy duck breast with cabbage scone, red onion chutney and smooth jus
  • Beef tenderloin steak with homemade fried potatoes and goose liver in hungarian
    • style

    Roasted beef tenderloin strips with carbonara farfalle and broccoli
  • Giant schnitzel with crisp salad and butter sautéed potatoes
  • Lamb risotto with lovage and truffle sauce
  • Fried pork Filet Mignon with pot potatoes and smoked sausage

For the little ones

  • Turkey breast stripes with sesame, mashed potatoes
  • Creamy linguine with mushroom and roasted chicken strips


  • Fresh mixed salad with orange and Mediterranean dressing, oils
    (fresh lettuce, pepper, tomato, cucumber, red onion)
  • Vinegar salads from our offer
  • Tomato with fresh basil and olive


  • Cottage cheese Mille Feuille
  • Baked fruits with vanilla ice cream


  • Taste of artificer cheese “Szigetköz”
  • National and international cheese variety

Offer of the TEMPESTAS BAR

Late Breakfast

  • English breakfast with coffee- fried sausage, baked beans, grilled mushroom, bacon, fried egg
  • Croissant, jam, butter, fresh fruit slices, coffee


  • Pasta salad with smoked salmon
  • Fresh salad with blue cheese, bacon and yoghurt- dressing
  • Crispy lettuces with Mayonnaise-sweetcorn, grated wasabi flavoured cheese and boiled egg


  • Club Sandwich with mixed salad
  • Beef burger in home made bun, fresh vegetables and barbecue sauce
  • Chicken breast baguette with vegetables
  • "Croque Monsieur"
    (Classic french grilled sandwich with ham, cheese, butter, and béchamel sauce)
  • "Croque Madame"
    (French grilled sandwich with ham, cheese, butter, béchamel sauce and fried egg)

If you could not find any dishes from our menu, we are ready to prepare to You anything from the available ingredients. By ordering small portion we charge 70% of the full price. Our prices include VAT and a 10% service charge.

Róbert Sándorfi ▪ Hotel Director
Győző Papp ▪ Executive Chef
Viktor Balog ▪ Food & Beverage manager

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