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Fitness room polcy

  • Guests must use the machines and equipment at their own responsibility, according to designated purpose, and with consideration for their
    health and physical status.
  • To make sure that your personal belongings are safe, please use the lockers equipped with code locks.
  • Children under 12 years of age may not enter the fitness room.
  • It is prohibited to bring food into the fitness room.
  • We kindly ask our guests to only bring beverages to the fitness room in sports bottles or plastic containers with safety caps.
  • We kindly ask our guests to only enter and use the fitness room wearing proper sports attire (training shoes, T-shirt, shorts, etc.).
    Training barefoot, in slippers or sandals is not allowed for safety reasons, and it is forbidden to enter the fitness room in any kind of street shoes
    for sanitary reasons.
  • After using the machines and equipment, please reset them to their default mode and/or return them to their designated storage place after
    wiping them off with the disinfectant provided by the hotel.
  • It is recommended to lay a towel on the machines (e.g. gym benches) before using them.
  • It is prohibited to smoke or consume alcohol in the wellness area and fitness room.
  • We kindly call our guests attention to the fact that it is dangerous to use the gym while under the influence of alcohol or drugs; therefore,
    the hotel staff reserves the right to refuse entry to the wellness area and fitness room in such cases.
  • If you notice any faults or irregularities, please report it at the reception.

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