Information Notice on the Use of Electronic Surveillance System

Dear Guest,

we hereby inform you that ETO HOTEL Kft. (registered seat: 9027 Győr, Nagysándor József u. 31., tax identification number:27947683-2-08 ) – operates an electronic surveillance system (surveillance camera system) in the “ETO Park Hotel**** Business & Stadium” hotel located at 9027 Győr, Nagysándor József u. 31. The electronic surveillance systems of the hotel are operated by the employees of ETO HOTEL Kft.

We hereby inform you that video and audio recording and the use and keeping thereof are governed by provisions of Act CXXXIII of 2005 on Rules of Personal and Property Protection Activities and Private Investigation (Private Security Services Act) and the provisions of Act CXII of 2011 on Informational Self-Determination and Freedom of Information (Privacy Act). The electronic surveillance system is operated on the basis of explicit consent under Section 30(2) of the Private Security Services Act and according to the following specifications in order to protect human life, physical safety and property and to prevent, detect any infringement and accidents and to catch the perpetrator in the act and with a view to provide evidence for the infringements. We call your kind attention to the fact that it is considered as an expressed consent to data management if you enter a room under video surveillance in the knowledge of this information notice.

Scope of data managed: facial image and voice of guests on the video and audio records and other personal data.

Data management registration number of ETO HOTEL Kft:

The electronic surveillance system is in operation for 24 hours on every days of the week and the recordings are stored on the server for 3 working days.
With a view to store personal data in a safe way, protection of data stored on the system is secured with personal user names and passwords, with the help of which it can be determined which authorised person accessed the data and when.

Persons authorised to see the actual recordings of the cameras are the employees holding such authorisation. It is the director and operations manager of the hotel or, in the event of being prevented, the actual manager on duty of the hotel who are authorised to see the camera recordings.

Recordings stored by the camera surveillance and recording system operated by ETO HOTEL Kft. may be inspected by persons authorised to do so only in order to obtain evidence of an infringement of human life, physical safety and property and to identify the perpetrator and to detect other events and accidents concerning life and physical safety.

ETO HOTEL Kft. records a protocol about the inspection of the recordings, the name of the person doing that, the reason and time of obtaining these data.

Transmission of data is possible only in case of a procedure in process concerning unlawful conduct or failure to fulfill obligations and for the competent authorities and court. The scope of data handed over may contain recordings made by the camera system and having relevant information and the names of persons who can be seen or heard on the recordings.

We inform you that people whose rights or lawful interests are affected by the video and audio recordings may request a copy of the recordings made of them with the electronic surveillance system and may also request the deletion of the recordings in accordance with the relevant legal provisions. In addition, anybody whose rights or lawful interests are affected by the video and audio recordings may request within 3 working days calculated from the creation of the video and audio recording and by proving the existence of his/her right or lawful interest that ETO HOTEL Kft. does not destroy or delete the data.

We further inform you that you may request information about the management of your personal data from ETO HOTEL Kft. Kft. at any time. Pursuant to the applicable legal provisions, you may also request to correct or lock your personal data. You may also protest against the management of your personal data.

We also inform you that in case of any infringement of your rights you may, pursuant to the provisions of the relevant legislation, turn to court and by filing a notification to the National Authority for Data Protection and Freedom of Information anybody may institute an inspection on the grounds that the management of personal data resulted in an infringement or there is an immediate threat thereof.

Spaces under camera surveillance:

I. First group of cameras

Cameras covering the parking area and outer entrances of the hotel, with the aim of providing property protection for cars left in the parking area.

Location of cameras installed
Surveillance area

Parking area
Hotel entrance 1
Hotel entrance 2
Hotel parking area, East
Hotel parking area, West
Hotel entrance hall

II. Second group of cameras

Surveillance cameras monitoring inside and outside entrances and spaces open to guests in the hotel. The primary aim of the surveillance is to provide property protection for the assets, equipment, inventories of the hotel and for the property of the hotel’s guests which they bring to the hotel, having regard to which it is particularly justified to monitor the entrances, reception area and common spaces of the hotel. Another aim of the surveillance is to prevent accidents happening in the common spaces of the hotel and to detect their circumstances.
Cameras are directed to the following spaces:

Location of cameras installed
Surveillance area

Ground floor
Hotel reception 1
Hotel reception 2
Hotel bar 1
Hotel bar 2

1st floor Hotel 1st floor, lift lobby
Hotel 1st floor, West

2nd floor Hotel 2nd floor, lift lobby
Hotel 2nd floor, West
Hotel 2nd floor, East
Hotel 2nd floor, wellness
Hotel 2nd floor, fitness

Location of cameras installed
Surveillance area

3rd floor
Hotel 3rd floor, East
Hotel 3rd floor, Middle
Hotel 3rd floor, West

4th floor
Hotel 4th floor, East
Hotel 4th floor, Middle
Hotel 4th floor, West

5th floor
Hotel 5th floor, East
Hotel 5th floor, Middle
Hotel 5th floor, West